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Frissítve: 2019. jan. 19.

Not a long time ago I come up with a new idea, how I can help guys to make a proposal unique. If you are a lucky guy you will do that only one in your life. You have to think about it, how you want to organize it or you need some help to prepare everything while you are with your loved ones.

For a guy, it's so hard to prepare everything alone. And make sure the girlfriend is not going to find out what's going on. How about I will organize the perfect venue, and I will set up the stand with sweets, chocolates, muffins etc, custom carved melon with a bottle of champagne.

Did you know that most of women dream to have a picture of their proposal?

Don't worry,because Karolina (an experienced photographer and my business partner )and I will be close to the table when you arrive to the venue and Karolina will take some photos. So you will get some mement from it.

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Have a good day!



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