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About me



Hello All,

My name is Szimonetta Zombori, but everyone calls me Sisi.

I was born in a small city in Hungary. From the very young age I loved art, my parents tell me I was a very quiet child and all I needed to keep myself busy was just a piece of paper and a few colouring pencils. I was able to draw for hours and hours.

Soon, my artistic abilities were recognized by my teachers who then helped me develop my skills and knowledge. In the end, my love and passion for art resulted in me obtaining a professional stone sculptor qualification.

One day a family friend came back from holiday in Germany, and told me all about those fascinating food carvings he saw there. I got quickly interested in the topics and started researching a little bit more, next thing I know I am doing a food carving course.

During this time, I moved to Scotland for a few years and now I live in Bournemouth, in the United Kingdom.

And all this time I was carving fruit and vegetables as a hobby and a way of practice.

I started advertising my custom made carvings, workshops, and quickly garnered interest, mainly from the London area. Over the years I've worked with corporate clients, small groups, and individuals sharing my knowledge and teaching them food carving. I love watching them develop and hope one day I will see you at one of my workshops.

At the main time, I started to create bespoke gift boxes to give appropriate packaging for my carving to present them to my customers. And this was just the beginning...I started to create more unique meaningful gift boxes with artisan, handmade chocolate bars. I always have a passion for gift boxes and I just love to give a personal touch to each of them.

Discover the most amazing present for your loved one!



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